New updates and improvements to Sourcery


New Refactorings


Loop counters that are incremented on each iteration of the loop like so:

i = 0
for animal in animals:
  i += 1
  print(i, animal)

can be replaced with a call to enumerate with a suitable start index:

for i, animal in enumerate(animals, start=1):
  print(i, animal)

Boolean IfExp identity

The following simple but overly verbose code:

return True if some_boolean_expression else False

is refactored to:

return bool(some_boolean_expression)

The negated version:

return False if some_boolean_expression else True

is refactored to:

return not some_boolean_expression

Writing a code editor plugin documentation

Instructions for how to write a code editor plugin are now available here. As the Sourcery binary implements the Language Server Protocol it is very easy to write a plugin for a new code editor.

Website changes

  • GitHub repo page allows you to select which branch to create refactor PR for
  • GitHub repo page shows instructions for starting refactoring reviews if none exist
  • GitHub repo page shows all refactoring jobs, including running and failed ones

Free Teams

Free for 3 team members on private repos

We wanted to make it easier for you to bring Sourcery into your workplace so you can improve your codebase. Starting today you can now use Sourcery for free with up to 3 team members! This is for both public and private repos.

Sourcery will review and refactor all new pull requests for these team members and give you insight to code quality. The only limitation is that refactoring whole private repos is still disabled on the free tier.

Public repos, as always, get access to all of Sourcery's features for free.

Choosing team members

One of the big takeaways from some of our conversations with you is that teams != full GitHub organisations.

Now you can pick and choose individual team members within your organisation who should have Sourcery access.

All organisation members still get full Sourcery functionality for public repositories.

More insights into code quality

Our code quality tools are now available outside of GitHub! Right now they're hidden by default in PyCharm and VS Code, but they're very easy to enable.

To set them up just add the following setting to your Sourcery config file:

    enabled: True

We're still in the alpha stage of our code quality tools within IDEs, so we'd love to get your feedback and thoughts as we continue to make improvements.