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October 24, 2022

Rule tags

Rules can now be tagged by adding a tags key. Then you can include these tags from the CLI to choose a subset of rules to run.

This makes it easy to specify which rules you want to run in CI. First add a tag to the rules you want:

  - id: important-rule
      - ci
    pattern: '...'

Then run the ci tag with sourcery review --include ci .

Set up Sourcery in pre-commit and CI

It is now much easier to configure Sourcery to run in pre-commit or CI. Run:

  • sourcery init pre-commit
  • sourcery init ci

Full changelog


  • Docs: custom rule recipe: Enforce Naming Conventions Rules: You can now add tags to rules, and include or exclude them with the include and exclude/skip config and CLI options. Sourcery's built-in rules carry the built-in tag.
  • IDE: LSP command to login through browser


  • CLI: make rule ids clickable links in non-verbose mode
  • CLI: Enhanced sourcery init command in CLI - you can now use it to add pre-commit config, as well as view instructions to add Sourcery to CI.
  • CLI: review: do not print a summary in a pre-commit environment