This release includes the first version of our pair programming coding assistant that allows you to:

  • create unit tests
  • get an explanation of your code
  • debug your code
  • get better names for functions
  • optimize your code for performance
  • generate and add docstrings
  • chat with the coding assistant to get explanations, ideas or answers to your questions

The assistant is currently only available in closed alpha. If you want to get early access to it, please sign up to the waitlist.

This release also re-adds the ability to log in by inserting your Sourcery token, fixed a few bugs and improved some error messages.

We'd love to hear your feedback! Reach out at or on Twitter @SourceryAI. Join the Sourcery Discord Community. Ask for help or suggest improvements on GitHub.

Full Changelog - Release 1.4.0


  • Implemented the first version of our closed-alpha coding assistant

  • Re-added the ability to log in by inserting your Sourcery token

  • Improved cross-file type inference for several Sourcery rules

  • We now show the rule ID to be skipped in the skip commands

  • New Sourcery rules:

Bug Fixes

  • Improved path matching in the paths configuration of custom rules
  • Improved error messaging when loading rule configuration files fails
  • Fixed a bug where qualified names in rule replacements caused Sourcery to crash
  • Stop assuming the return type of getattr based on its default argument. Fixes #349
  • Ensure that bytes and strs compare differently in Sourcery rule conditions
  • Stop searching for version control systems upon read permission errors. Fixes #348