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December 14, 2022

New Billing Dashboard for Team Administrators

This Sourcery release includes a brand-new billing dashboard for team administrators to view and manage their payment settings.

Billing Dashboard

Full changelog


  • Google Python Style Guide rules: tags based on the Google Python Style Guide sections
  • (Website) Billing dashboard for team administrators.


  • Migration of include setting from old version of config now treats an empty list as including the "default" rule set, so that Sourcery's default rules still run.
  • A problem where Sourcery would introduce newlines beneath long refactored lines.
  • False positives on instance-method-first-arg-name by not triggering if there are any decorators present.
  • Issue with replace-interpolation-with-fstring failing for strings with quotes.
  • Issue where clone diagnostics persisted after clones had been manually resolved in VS Code.
  • Issue with formatting path names with double underscores in the GitHub commenter.
  • Incongruous mention of "file(s)" in CLI phrasing when code passed in directly.