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September 26, 2022

This time around we've been hard at work in the background - making the Command Line Interface quicker and more responsive, and fixing some pesky issues.


  • CLI: show a status message during file parsing and improve startup time.
  • docs: added a recipe to Flag Hard-Coded Values


  • Make .sourcery.yaml match paths relative to the config file. This applies to ignore, rules.paths.include and rules.paths.exclude


  • Fix faulty case in for-append-to-extend. Fixes Issue # 279
  • Links to the individual refactorings in the plugins and our docs are now correct
  • Issue where editors were displaying refactorings in the wrong location
  • CLI: show progress during review always on stderr
  • use-itertools-product will now only trigger when we can infer that the types being iterated over are finite sequences. This addresses Issue #281
  • GPSG snake-case-arguments rule now correctly excludes argument separators and "_"