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March 25, 2024

Our Code Review functionality is now generally available for GitHub! Install it here. It is free for open source repos, and has a 2 week trial otherwise. As part of this we have moved our legacy GitHub bot functionality over to the new system - instead of opening a new pull request with the Sourcery rules, these are shown as inline comments on your PR.

Full Changelog - Release 1.16.0


  • Added the ability to log in with your token in our Jetbrains plugin.
  • Improved log in options and wording in the VS Code extension.

Code Review Features

  • Code review is now free for open source users.
  • Numerous small tweaks to improve the quality of our review comments.
  • Improved the look, feel and tone of review comments to make them more concise and useful.
  • Improved look and feel of the review summary, showing blocking comments where we find them.
  • Introduced a security review checking for hardcoded secrets.
  • We now review test files to suggest improvements to the tests.
  • Our code reviews in GitHub now show existing Sourcery rules as well, and the legacy GitHub bot was removed in favour of the code review.
  • Added ability to show code suggestions to review comments.
  • Added a new complexity review to suggest improvements where code has become too complex.
  • Improved the list of included and excluded files that we analyse.
  • Improved bot detection to avoid adding code reviews to PRs created by bots.
  • Removed comments that just looked at code formatting.
  • Added full documentation of our AI Code Review.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved stability of code review bot with several fixes to how we post reviews to GitHub.
  • Fixed a timeout issue in the code review bot that sometimes prevented reviews from posting.
  • Improved stability of coding assistant through creation and deployment of a new backend server.
  • We no longer show the 'Generate Tests' code lens in test files.
  • Improved error handling and messaging in the Coding Assistant.
  • Removed use of temp directory to fix issue when running in remote SSH session.
  • Correctly handle non-utf8 dependency files, fixing a coding assistant crash.
  • Fix issue where functions after classes often got mistaken for class methods.