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September 14, 2022

We've been hard at work on documenting all of the awesome things that you can do with our custom rules. We've reworked our documentation and written up how you can start enforcing the Google Python Style Guide in your team right now.

Our other notable improvement this time round is a new summary view when you run the review command using our Command Line Interface.

Command Line Interface output


  • CLI review command / overview: summary view.
  • Google Python Style Guide rules added to reference documentation


  • CLI review default output: 1 line per issue, with standard format links to issue locations. You can use the --verbose flag to get a detailed output with each issue's description and diff.
  • merge-isinstance refactoring will now apply to chains of or operators.
  • Public documentation has been restructured and improved.
  • The CLI review command now validates that include and exclude rules exist in either the core ruleset or the config file being used.


  • Always unparse Ellipsis as ..., fixing Issue #273
  • Issue where incorrect code could be removed where a False in an if test was followed by elif branches
  • Issue where whitespace could be incorrectly removed when applying refactorings after saving a file.
  • Correctly identify attribute usage in set-comprehension. Fixes Issue #271.
  • Made performance improvements to speed up Sourcery analysis on some files.
  • Recommendations will now highlight on the correct lines when there is whitespace at the beginning of their block.
  • Sped up calculation of code actions in VS Code, removing lag.
  • Fixed incorrect description of ignore directories in the docs
  • VS Code multiple-root workspaces no longer "share" Sourcery configuration
  • Example config created by sourcery init: Use new syntax in the no-print-statements rule