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October 31, 2023

This release introduces a number of fixes and stability improvements mainly focused on the Sourcery Coding Assistant.

Our Code Review functionality is still in a closed Alpha. To request access, please email

Full Changelog - Release 1.12.0


  • (Coding Assistant - Review) Improve the look and feel of review comments.
  • (Coding Assistant - Review) Show diffs in the review comments.


  • (Coding Assistant) Fix appearance of recipe buttons in the Dark High Contrast theme.
  • (Coding Assistant) Improve the Coding Assistant server architecture to enhance stability.
  • (Coding Assistant) Reduce amount of rate-limiting errors.
  • (Coding Assistant) Reduce amount of timeout errors.
  • (Docs) Fix typo in the docs for bin-op-identity.
  • (IDE) Fix a bug where code lenses and diagnostics would not update on changes to documents on Windows.
  • (Rules - Python) Fix a bug where functions defined after classes sometimes got mistaken for class methods - #328.