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September 21, 2023

Release 1.10 fixed a number of bugs in our coding assistant from version 1.9.0 and added in support for the coding assistant for JetBrains IDEs. It's currently available in a closed beta for JetBrains users, but will be more broadly available shortly.

Full Changelog - Release 1.10.0


  • Add code lens support for JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Add like/dislike feedback to coding assistant chat
  • Code review branch choice is simplified and easier to use
  • Added the coding assistant to JetBrains IDEs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with parenthesis precedence in starred expressions
  • Assistant code lenses now open the coding assistant sidebar when clicked
  • Assistant code lenses now focus the coding assistant chat when clicked
  • Changed dict-assign-update-to-union refactoring to suggestion
  • Fixed a few styles in the coding assistant app
  • Chat cancellation no longer shows as an error
  • Make useless-else-on-loop not trigger if any break is detected
  • Use correctly-resolved coding assistant sub-features for opt-in screen purposes
  • Fixed loading of scripts and styles on Windows