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February 24, 2022

[0.10.3] - 2022-02-24



  • simplify-fstring-formatting will no longer remove calls to str in formatted values. This is not valid for classes which override __repr__.
  • use-named-expression will now only trigger where the variable being assigned to is used in the body of the if
  • chain-compares will now trigger when comparing to constants, and will avoid mixing different types of comparison
  • Extend remove-str-from-print refactoring to deal with multiple arguments


  • Disallow use-next refactoring when statements have side-effects
  • Side effect check for for-append-to-extend refactoring with tuple loop variables
  • Fix issue with the use-any refactoring
  • Fix issue where a non integer size metric was being display
  • Don't propose useless-else-on-loop when there is a break in an inner loop's else
  • Ensure we keep two lines between functions when extracting new ones at module level.
  • Ensure default-get doesnt trigger where the default has side effects
  • Don't inline assignments of strings into f-strings (Fixes issue)
  • Keep original quotes in fstring refactorings
  • Don't convert unicode CLDR in literal unicode values within fstrings - fixes this issue.