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September 09, 2020


New Refactorings


Loop counters that are incremented on each iteration of the loop like so:

i = 0
for animal in animals:
    i += 1
    print(i, animal)

can be replaced with a call to enumerate with a suitable start index:

for i, animal in enumerate(animals, start=1):
    print(i, animal)

Boolean IfExp identity

The following simple but overly verbose code:

return True if some_boolean_expression else False

is refactored to:

return bool(some_boolean_expression)

The negated version:

return False if some_boolean_expression else True

is refactored to:

return not some_boolean_expression

Writing a code editor plugin documentation

Instructions for how to write a code editor plugin are now available here. As the Sourcery binary implements the Language Server Protocol it is very easy to write a plugin for a new code editor.

Website changes

  • GitHub repo page allows you to select which branch to create refactor PR for
  • GitHub repo page shows instructions for starting refactoring reviews if none exist
  • GitHub repo page shows all refactoring jobs, including running and failed ones