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November 10, 2023

This release significantly improves the code review assistant. Several stability improvements and bug fixes are also included.

Our Code Review functionality is still in a closed Alpha. To request access, please email

Full Changelog - Release 1.13.0


  • (Coding Assistant - Review) Improve code reviews in various aspects.
  • (Coding Assistant - Review) Make the review summary more concise.
  • (IDE) Update all billing-related links to point to the Sourcery dashboard.
  • (IDE) Instead of showing the welcome file every time the IDE is opened, show it only when the IDE is opened for the first time.


  • (Coding Assistant) Ensure the configuration file is reloaded after opting into the Coding Assistant.
  • (Coding Assistant) Improve stability of code lenses.
  • (IDE) Correctly show refactorings immediately after logging in.