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October 03, 2023

The Sourcery Coding Assistant is now available in all JetBrains IDEs including Intellij and PyCharm!

Get it here:

Full Changelog - Release 1.10.1


  • Intellij now fully supports the Coding Assistant
  • The generate docstrings recipe has improved support for JavaScript, TypeScript and Rust
  • The context Sourcery uses for Coding Assistant messages is now shown with the messages
  • Added coding assistant docs

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved AccessDeniedException in the Intellij plugin along with other Windows issues
  • Ensured long URLs display correctly
  • Improved truncation logic for long code blocks
  • Ensured logging in through the coding assistant correctly instantiates assistant handlers (when authorized)
  • Fixed Ask Sourcery Command Palette error
  • Improved how we handle recipes without text selection
  • Fixed issue where we would show [MISSING LINK] whenever chat word contains a with a /