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March 01, 2023

This release adds many new JavaScript and TypeScript rules using Sourcery's (alpha-stage) multi-language functionality.

If you are interested in getting access to the Beta for Sourcery for JavaScript and Typescript, please sign up here.

Full Changelog


  • Docs: How To Use Sourcery For Code Reviews?
  • Handle skip comments in JavaScript
  • no-eval JavaScript rule
  • remove-redundant-boolean JavaScript rule
  • use-braces JavaScript rule
  • dont-negate-is-instanceof-operands JavaScript rule
  • remove-unreachable-code JavaScript rule
  • misplaced-break-or-continue JavaScript rule
  • dont-shadow-arguments JavaScript rule
  • remove-redundant-if-statement JavaScript rule
  • dont-reassign-parameters JavaScript rule
  • inline-immediately-returned-variable JavaScript rule
  • avoid-function-declarations-in-blocks JavaScript rule
  • Some refactorings like simplify-boolean-comparison will now trigger in match-case guard clauses
  • possible-incorrect-bitwise-operator JavaScript rule
  • dont-self-assign-variables JavaScript rule
  • generators-should-yield JavaScript rule
  • throw-new-errors JavaScript rule
  • remove-redundant-slice-index JavaScript rule
  • only-delete-object-properties JavaScript rule
  • dont-use-with JavaScript rule
  • dont-concatenate-string-literals JavaScript rule
  • no-new-symbol JavaScript rule
  • return-outside-function JavaScript rule
  • yield-outside-generator JavaScript rule
  • avoid-infinite-loops JavaScript rule


  • Only show a maximum of 3 lines of code for comments in the CLI for Javascript rules
  • Extended use-array-literal to handle arguments
  • use-object-destructuring and combine-object-destructure extended to also work for let statements
  • Added hover for JavaScript diagnostics


  • issue with replacement of subsequent indented new lines in JavaScript
  • issue where JavaScript comments showed code actions that did nothing
  • issue with partially-applied use-braces refactoring
  • remove-dict-keys no longer proposed when the target has multiple values
  • Correctly report number of scanned files even if they have no issues
  • merge_assign_and_aug_assign can no longer incorrectly lead to access to a variable not assigned yet
  • Prevent dict-literal, list-literal and remove-unnecessary-cast from incorrectly triggering in match-case patterns