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October 18, 2023

This release introduces a number of fixes and small features to improve the stability of the IntelliJ plugin, especially on Windows, as well as improvements to our model prompts.

Full Changelog - Release 1.11.0


  • (Docs) Code blocks now have a copy-to-clipboard feature.
  • (Coding Assistant) Context indicators in the coding assistant will now navigate directly to the relevant lines.
  • (Coding Assistant) Created a new server to improve network stability.
  • (Coding Assistant) Added a detailed feedback interaction.


  • (Coding Assistant) "Add Docstrings" now detects if a docstring already exists, and if so will attempt to improve, rather than regenerate it.
  • (Coding Assistant) "Simplify Code" and "Optimize Performance" have had changes to avoid introducing breaking changes.
  • (Coding Assistant) "Generate Docstrings" will no longer show as a code lens for Python test functions.
  • (Coding Assistant) Improvements to the layout and style of the Access Settings screen.
  • (Coding Assistant) Improvements to LLMs used behind the scenes.
  • (Coding Assistant) Improvements to the style for high-contrast colour profiles.


  • (VSCode) Fix so Sourcery works in a VSCode SSH session.
  • (IntelliJ) Prevent a messaging deadlock on Windows which caused Sourcery to stop working.
  • (Plugin) Fix a permissions issue on macOS.
  • (Coding Assistant) Words which match file names are no longer treated as file links.
  • (Coding Assistant) Fixed a crash when an unrecognized language was used.
  • (Coding Assistant) Fixed an issue where moving the Sourcery panel would make the chat disappear.
  • (Coding Assistant) Chat loads with previous errors.
  • (Coding Assistant) Fixed an issue where the chat loaded without previous errors, resulting in a persistent "pending" state.
  • (Coding Assistant) Fixed persistent "Token Limit Exceeded" issues.
  • (Coding Assistant) Fixed a failure to launch when requirements files were non-utf8 encoded.