This release continued to add features to our pair programming coding assistant, in particular a new Ask Sourcery command that lets you easily request assistance from within the code editor. This can be triggered from the command palette, selecting some code and right-clicking, or from a code lens above Python classes and functions.

The assistant is currently only available in closed alpha. If you want to get early access to it, please sign up to the waitlist.

We also addressed the slow activation times that users were seeing with our VS Code extension.

We'd love to hear your feedback! Reach out at or on Twitter @SourceryAI. Join the Sourcery Discord Community. Ask for help or suggest improvements on GitHub.

Full Changelog - Release 1.5.0


  • Show an initial message in the coding assistant
  • Add a new Ask Sourcery command to let you trigger recipes or ask questions
  • Added a code lens to trigger this command from Python classes and functions
  • Extended the scope of the generate tests recipe
  • Introduced a new Review Code recipe - allowing you to get code reviews of the selected code
  • Improved the error messages in the assistant
  • Enhanced the renaming recipe to handle special names in Python
  • Upgrade to longer context model so we can send more context through to the assistant

Bug Fixes

  • Limit total history sent to openai to avoid token limits
  • Fix internal exception for code with syntax errors
  • Fix exception that could be thrown with coding assistant where no file was open
  • Fixed slow activation time in the VS Code extension (