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September 23, 2020

Metrics in VS Code

Enhanced code quality metrics in the IDE

We've been making some changes to how our code quality metrics are displayed.

When hovering over a method definition you now get more explanation of the code metrics. This means that you can see if the metric scores are good or bad at a glance.

In VS Code this is an emoji as shown above, whereas in PyCharm it is shown in writing. For each metric if the score is below average we also give a tip on how to improve it.

Metrics in PyCharm

Right now these metrics are hidden by default in PyCharm and VS Code, but they're very easy to enable.

To set them up just add the following setting to your Sourcery config file:

Update 2022-10-13

The metrics are now enabled by default both in VSCode and PyCharm.

The config option metrics.enabled has been removed.