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March 14, 2023

There are fewer updates in this alpha release as we've been focused on research and development of our core engine.

As well as a couple of new JavaScript rules and a fix for an edge case in the Python rule simplify-fstring-formatting, we've released reference documentation for every JavaScript rule that ships with Sourcery - see for instance documentation for the new rule dont-reassign-caught-exceptions at

Also new in this release is a command in VSCode for Sourcery called "Search and Replace across workspace" - this will open a panel where you can use our pattern matching and replacing syntax to apply a one-off rule. This feature is in early stages of development - please reach out at if you are interested in learning more.

Full Changelog


  • dont-reassign-caught-exceptions javascript rule
  • dont-reassign-foreach-variables javascript rule
  • dont-use-wrappers-for-builtins javascript rule
  • Reference docs for GPSG rule sets
  • Built-in Javascript rule documentation on the website
  • (VSCode only) Sourcery Search-And-Replace


  • simplify-fstring-formatting will no longer trigger where constant "{" and "}" are being used, to avoid creating invalid code.