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December 21, 2023

This release introduces a number of fixes and stability improvements mainly focused on the Sourcery Coding Assistant.

Our Code Review functionality is in active development in a closed beta. To request access, please email

Full Changelog - Release 1.15.0


  • Added a settings cog to the coding assistant to make it easier to access settings like switching off code lenses, plus docs and feedback
  • Improve error messaging for server errors in the chat

Code Review (closed beta) Features

  • Improve filtering of AI code review comments
  • Added Sourcery rules to the code review
  • Add ability for code review to approve small typo-fix PRs
  • Temporarily remove individual comments on test files, since these were often incorrect
  • Ensure we only get one comment per line in the code review
  • Provide PR body and title as contextual information to GitHub reviews
  • Add experimental GitLab support for code review
  • Add ability for code review to handle large diffs

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with multiple refactorings not clearing 'scanning' messages in VS Code
  • Don't attempt to show code lenses in IDEs other than VS Code and Jetbrains
  • Treat WSL paths as UNIX paths