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November 10, 2022

Improved IDE Sign-In

In this update, Sourcery takes the tedium out of signing in in your IDE. Previously, we asked you to enter a token from your Sourcery dashboard into your IDE settings. Now, we are able to handle the full login flow automatically. Use the Sourcery: Login command from VSCode, or the Login button in the Sourcery window in Pycharm, then follow the instructions in your browser.

Full changelog


  • CLI options --summary and --no-summary
  • Configuration file field rule_tags to define additional rule tags
  • The Sourcery Hub can now be used to manage per-project rule skips.


  • pre-commit recommended setup: use the --no-summary option
  • Added google-python-style-guide tag to the Google Python Style Guide rules.
  • Login to VS Code with the Sourcery: Login command from the command palette
  • Login to PyCharm by clicking the login button in the top left of the Sourcery window


  • Documentation for convert-any-to-in
  • Ensured inline-immediately-returned-variable doesn't trigger where the variable has a return annotation.
  • The Sourcery Hub no longer causes the rest of Sourcery to hang
  • The JSON schema will no longer report a validation error for python_version specified as a string