Release 1.18.0

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Full Changelog

Code Review


  • Expanded the list of supported languages during reviews to include most programming languages supported by GitHub.
  • Added new review areas to improve the quality of your code, including:
    • a complexity review that spots overly complex code and suggests improvements;
    • a testing review for improving test suites;
    • a security review area that spots and reports hard-coded secrets (like passwords) in your code.
  • Sourcery will now include suggested changes in review comments of the suggestion type (where applicable) to help you improve your code.
  • Reviews can now be triggered by posting @sourcery-ai review in a pull request comment.
    • Posting @sourcery-ai review can be used both to request a first review and to re-request a review after making changes;
    • The contents of the comment must be exactly @sourcery-ai review for the review to be triggered - any additional text will cause Sourcery to ignore the comment;
    • The review can be triggered by open-source projects even if Sourcery is not installed on the repository.

Bug Fixes

  • Added a fix to prevent review comments from spanning too many lines, making them easier to read on GitHub.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Sourcery in-line suggestions from being displayed in reviews.
  • Fixed a bug where Sourcery would post duplicate comments in reviews.
  • Fixed a bug where Sourcery would review the same pull request multiple times without being triggered.
  • Fixed an issue where Sourcery would post an unreasonable number of comments on some pull requests.
  • Fixed an issue where Sourcery would post praise-like comments in reviews, which are not actionable feedback.
  • Fixed an issue where Sourcery would question changes that were clearly the intent of the pull request.
  • Fixed internal issues that caused Sourcery to crash when reviewing certain pull requests.
  • Sourcery will now skip reviewing pull requests with too many changes to prevent crashes.

Other Improvements

  • Added a details section to the review summary showing the focus areas of the review and the number of issues found in each area.
  • Sourcery will now skip reviewing the following types of files:
    • Lock files;
    • Minified files;
    • Packaging files.
  • Sourcery will now mention the author of the pull request in the review summary for better feedback in reviews. The mention is in the form of @author.
  • Improved the structure of review comments to make them more readable and actionable.
  • Improved the messaging when reviews are skipped.
  • Sourcery will now skip reviewing pull requests created by other bots, such as automated dependency updates by Dependabot.
  • Introduced many other small improvements to make reviews more accurate and actionable.

Other Improvements