This release adds more features to our coding assistant, including two new recipes: Simplify Code and Generate Docstring. We also improved the way you can interact with the assistant by using code lens. The Debug Code recipe has been renamed as Troubleshoot and is now more powerful.

The assistant is currently only available in closed alpha. If you want to get early access to it, please sign up to the waitlist.

We'd love to hear your feedback! Reach out at or on Twitter @SourceryAI. Join the Sourcery Discord Community. Ask for help or suggest improvements on GitHub.

Full Changelog - Release 1.6.0


  • Coding Assistant:
    • Add the Simplify Code recipe
    • Add the Generate Docstring recipe
    • Support the cancellation of in-progress messages
    • Add path validation to chat messages
    • Make code lens show direct links to appropriate recipes
    • Rename the debugging recipe as Troubleshoot and improve its functionality
  • Add config option to toggle off Sourcery code lens

Bug Fixes

  • Fix code lens position where there are decorators in Python
  • Correctly handle ignored files in built-in rules
  • Fix support for tsx and jsx files via language ID
  • Don't send initial Coding Assistant chat message if the conversation has already started
  • Fix issue with sourcery hub when trying to enable/disable rules