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August 21, 2023

Some more improvements for the Sourcery Coding Assistant. We improved both the output for some recipes and the code search used in the background. Also, the chat history is now stored in your local sqlite database.

The assistant is currently only available in closed alpha. If you want to get early access to it, please sign up to the waitlist.

We'd love to hear your feedback! Reach out at or on Twitter @SourceryAI. Join the Sourcery Discord Community. Ask for help or suggest improvements on GitHub.

Full Changelog - Release 1.8.0


  • Explain Code recipe: Make it more concise and use listings.
  • Generate Tests recipe: Use more relevant example tests.
  • Remove recipes with respective assistants: Review, Troubleshooting, Rename.
  • Retain Coding Assistant chat history on restart.
  • Improve Coding Assistant code search for non-Python languages.
  • Incrementally update the Coding Assistant semantic search index.

Bug Fixes

  • Only show opt-in when user has Coding Assistant feature enabled.
  • Once a user opts in, immediately make Coding Assistant work.
  • When enabling the Coding Assistant recipes are immediately shown.
  • Prevent multiple of the same email from being sent to a user.
  • Fix issues with the local sqlite database.
  • Use lock when indexing semantic search.
  • lib/gitignore: support non-relative paths when checking ignore rules.