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October 13, 2022

We continued improving the Command Line Interface: With the new --diff option, you can now run Sourcery only for the code in your current PR.

sourcery review --diff "git diff main" .

We had an issue with the release 0.12.10 This changelog contains the changes of both 0.12.10 and 0.12.11



  • Error shown when starting VS Code without a .sourcery.yaml file present.
  • File-level skip comments are now respected for custom rules
  • Prevent invert-any-all from inverting chains of comparisons like 0 <= value <= 255. Fixes Issue # 286


  • Improved some of the descriptions in the Google Python Style Guide rules.
  • GPSG global variables rule: allow logger
  • GPSG non-test rules exclude test_*.py and * instead of the test
  • In the CLI, Sourcery will search for a .sourcery.yaml file in the current directory or any of its ancestors, rather than just the current directory.
  • Make .sourcery.yaml match paths relative to the config file. This applies to ignore, rules.paths.include and rules.paths.exclude