Sourcery beta launched!

Sourcery is in beta - try our AI-powered refactoring in Pycharm now!

Sourcery launches
Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

Beta Live!

We're really happy to announce that Sourcery beta is now live in Pycharm!

To try it out just open Pycharm and follow these simple steps:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+S (Cmd+, on Mac) to open Settings. Select Plugins.
  2. Search for Sourcery in the Marketplace tab and click Install.
  3. Click the Restart IDE button.

Sourcery is totally free for open source use.

For private codebases check out our Professional option. It's currently free while Sourcery is in beta.

More about Sourcery

  • Sourcery runs over your Python code, suggesting improvements that you can apply instantly. Write better code, faster!
  • Sourcery improves your code without changing the functionality. Use it with confidence!
  • Sourcery runs locally on your machine. When using Sourcery Professional your code stays completely private and never leaves your machine.
Example Sourcery refactoring

Hey, have you tried Sourcery?

Write better code faster with Sourcery refactorings in GitHub or your IDE. Try it now to see Sourcery work its magic on your code.